Lawyer in Turkey

In Turkey, lawyers are registered with the bar association of the city in which they operate. Lawyers in Turkey do not only handle cases in the city where they are registered. They can handle cases all over Turkey. Persons who will give power of attorney to a lawyer prefer to work with lawyers operating in the city where the legal action will be taken in order to be able to communicate more easily. For this reason, it would be beneficial for employers to work with a lawyer registered in the city where they operate so that they can communicate more easily with their lawyers about litigation and other legal transactions and meet face to face.

The main actions of a lawyer in Turkey are as follows;

  • Opening the case
  • Follow-up of hearings
  • Submitting the necessary petitions and statements to the court during the lawsuit
  • Objection to decisions and claims of parties
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Making transactions in official institutions and organizations
  • Execution follow-up
  • Implementation of foreclosure procedures
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures in the enforcement offices

In Turkey, a lawyer will be authorized to represent his client and to take necessary actions for the benefit of his client in line with the powers included in the power of attorney given by his client. Making legal proceedings through a lawyer not only prevents mistakes and deficiencies, but also prevents possible grievances.

A lawyer registered in Turkey can be consulted for divorce cases, criminal cases, business cases, commercial cases, compensation cases, administrative cases and all other cases in every city in Turkey. In addition, the litigation process in all areas of law can be carried out through a lawyer. It should be noted that each case and legal business differs according to the characteristics of the case. For this reason, people’s executing their cases based on the information they have obtained on their own and thinking that there is no need for a lawyer can lead to irreversible damages. For this reason, it would be beneficial to work with a lawyer to carry out legal proceedings.

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